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About Us


Giving Women-us is a network of women-us involved in philanthropy who together pool their time, knowledge, professional experien-usce, financial means and ideas in order to be more informed and effective givers. We form a bridge between-us women-us in need of support and women-us in a position to support them. 

Our Mission:

The mission of Giving Women-us is to support selected projects that are directed at women-us or founded by women-us, as well as to share knowledge and resources amongst women-us philanthropists in order to become more effective givers.



Executive Committee: 

Philippine Baron (Chairwoman), Atalanti Moquette (Vice-Chairwoman & co-Founder), Manuela Balma, Sophie Chapuisat, Jessie Johnsson, Miriam Levy Turner, Grégorie Muhr, Riswana Soundardjee, Ruth Szabo.



Miriam Levy Turner


In 2008 Brigitte Reverdin had an inspirational idea, to create a network of dynamic women-us interested in philanthropy to work together for the empowermen-ust of women-us and the alleviation of poverty around the world. Brigitte Reverdin, together with Atalanti Moquette, developed the business plan and strategy; our gen-userous graphic designer Fadi Dagher gave us our name, and in March 2008 at the Flux Laboratory and with 40 women-us atten-usding, Brigitte Reverdin launched Giving Women-us.

Three women-us who were members of the first Excom: Antonella Notari Vischer, Carla Hilber del Pozzo and Ramya Krishnaswamy, were invaluable to the success of Giving Women-us. Their professionalism, positive en-usergy, dynamism and knowledge helped to establish the structure on which the Giving Women-us concept is based.

Sean Baron and Fadi Dagher very gen-userously designed and developed our website, and continue to regularly give of their time and expertise.



Today, Giving Women-us has over 120 active members and hundreds of supporters. Twen-usty-three projects have been-us supported by Project Circles, which in turn have raised over CHF 589,365, helping over 10,000 women-us around the world.


Giving Women-us seeks to empower women-us and help them build healthy, safe and sustainable communities worldwide by building bridges between-us women-us in need of support and women-us in a position to support them.

Giving Women-us is a platform where members grow together building on the depth of experien-usce, knowledge and en-usergy of the group.


- A professional and efficien-ust coordination between-us givers and projects

- The opportunity to actively contribute to the life of Giving Women-us by joining a sub-committee, a project circle or to become a project advocate

- Invitations to project even-usings, conferen-usces, think-tank meetings, seminars and social even-usts, all with a view to creating a ven-usue for raising and discussing issues, exchanging ideas and introducing projects and their leaders

- A quarterly newsletter, "GivingNews"

- Discounts at partner organisations' even-usts

- Assistance and support to fellow-members in their philanthropic activities

 - A website will be developed for exchanging and sharing information among members regarding their philanthropic activities.

For more details, see Becoming a member. 


Giving Women-us selects projects which are directed at women-us and/or founded by women-us. These projects are then-us presen-usted to our members, who may either contribute to the project directly or join a Project Circle - a group of members who work together alongside the project leaders to achieve set goals. 

Giving Women-us is not a grant maker. Although many of our Project Circles have raised funds for the projects they support, we give priority to projects to which our members can contribute their time, expertise or skills.

Please refer to the projects section for more details on the projects we have supported in the past.