Giving Women is a network of women involved in philanthropy who together pool their time, knowledge, professional experience, financial resources and ideas in order to be more informed and effective givers. Through identified projects, we form a bridge between women in need of support and women in a position to support them.

We are convinced that every woman and girl in the world has the right to health, safety, and equality. To realise this vision, Giving Women’s mission is to build and enable a community of engaged and informed women philanthropists to support organisations, whose missions are to empower women and girls.


“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” atalanti
― Dalai Lama XIVThe Art of Happiness



“Philanthropy is the love of humanity”



If we love and feel compassion for humanity, we are philanthropists. Often what holds us back from acting is the belief that we need to have significant financial resources and we do not know where to start.


I was inspired to create Giving Women when I realised that there were many women like myself who were looking to give back in a tangible way. Bringing together a group of committed women “philanthropists” to work together sharing their professional knowledge, experience, networks and financial resources has proven an effective way to enable women on their philanthropic journey and improve the lives the girls and women.


After much research it was clear to me that girls and women “continue to bear a disproportionate burden of poverty” (DFID, A new strategic vision for girls and women), and yet when girls and women are enabled by education, are economically autonomous are given access to health and are included in decision making, they, their families and communities prosper.


The creation of Giving Women has been a continual learning journey for me. Every day I meet amazing people whose commitment and tireless engagement inspires me into action.


I hope that Giving Women can inspire others to embark on their philanthropic journey to make this world a better place for all.

Atalanti Moquette, Founder, Giving Women





I remember the precise moment, when I decided to become a member of Giving Women. A lunch held in January 2011, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel where Giving Women had invited a passionate speaker to talk about her project empowering women through an educational programme.  My exposure to the dynamism and warmth of the Giving Women members and the objectives of the organisation, quickly saw me becoming a member.

Giving Women had been in existence since 2009.  Through the vision and leadership of Atalanti Moquette, combined with the engagement and drive of other long time Giving Women members in Antonella Notari Vischer, Carla Hilber del Pozzo, Meg Allen and Meagan Carnahan to name a few, they defined the foundation pillars of Giving Women. To this day, these principles continue to be the cornerstone of the organisation.

Giving Women is built on the vision that in our local community, there are like minded women who have a desire to proactively donate their time and skills to improve communities in need, through the empowerment of women and girls.  The Giving Women Project Circles have been at the core of the organisation since its inception, through which our members have contributed and shared their knowledge to help bring about change.

The Giving Women Executive Committee is committed to providing our members access to the tools and exposure to ongoing project circles, through which they can continue to grow as philanthropists.  We are equally excited by what the future holds for the organisation, as we experience together the continued growth and engagement of the Giving Women community.

Sophie Chapuisat

Chairwoman of Giving Women


Our multinational team is composed of 9 members on the Executive Committee, an Operations Manager, a Membership Management and Events Coordinator, a Resource and Tools Development Volunteer an Advisor and 2 members on the Honorary Board.