6th Annual Giving Women Conference

“Women migrants: their needs, the dangers, the violence and their power: Giving Women migrants a voice“

The purpose of the 2016 conference was to identify the complex issues facing girls and women migrants, be they refugees fleeing horrific conflicts or environmental catastrophes, women leaving their rural villages to find work in the cities, girls and women living in refugee camps, or families trying to recreate lives in new homelands; and to spotlight some of the successful solutions which allow these women to be agents of their own change and catalysts for a better life for themselves, their families and their communities. 

An illustrious group of expert speakers identified the challenges faced by these girls and women and highlighted the solutions to improve the fractured system that fails many migrants today.



Michael Moller
Director General, United Nations Office, Geneva

Jean Ayoub
Secretary General, International Social Services

Clarissa Azkoul
Deputy Chief of Staf, International Organisation for Migration

Butler Brandee

Head of Gender Justice and Human Rights, C&A Foundation

Eva Cossé
Assistant Researcher


Huda Bakhet
Head of Gender Justice and Human Rights, C&A Foundation

Caroline Eichenberger
Director, Camarada

Melissa Fleming

Head, Communications Service/ Spokesperson for the High Commissioner UNHCR

Maria Gallotti
Labour Migration Branch, ILO

Keyvan Ghavani
President and co-founder, Act on your Future Foundation

Joung-ah Ghedini-Williams
Emergency Response Coordinator (PSFR), UNHCR

Katarzyna Grabska

Research Fellow and Project Coordinator, Global Migration Center, Graduate Institute

Grace Lola

Founder, Middle East Children’s Institute

Katy Migiro

East Africa correspondent, Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Antonella Notari Vischer

Director, Womanity Foundation

Ignacio Packer

Secretary General, Terre des Hommes

Nora Refaeil

Attorney at law, expert on migration and diversity

Rocio Restrepo

Founder, Association Découvrir

Maud Roure

Head of Learning and Policy, Interpeace TBC

Brita Schmidt

Executive Director, Women for Women International

Annie Sparrow

Medical doctor and activist based in Syria

Véronique Thouvenot

Co-Founder and Scientific Director, Foundation Millennia2025

Roberta Ventura

Founder, SEP-Jordan