My first experience with Giving Women was at the Giving Women’s 8th Annual Conference in 2018. I went there without knowing much about it but curious about the subject. I was very impressed by the quality of the speakers and the discussions that took place there between change-makers of the fashion industry from different parts of the world. This allowed me to know more about many issues linked to the industry and motivated me to support sustainable and ethical fashion brands. During the conference, I also found that it was really easy to talk and connect with very interesting women. 

At that time, I was looking for an opportunity to collaborate in an organization that positively impacts the lives of others and I was glad to find that Giving Women was the perfect opportunity to do it, so after their annual conference, I decided to become a member. Since I’ve joined it, I’ve participated in various Giving Women events and continue learning and connecting with a wonderful network of philanthropic women who give their time and are very passionate about making this world better for everyone.

In addition, the project circles have given me the opportunity to learn and also share my knowledge and skills while bringing solutions to their challenges, in fact I am currently part of one of the project circles called “Lensational”, which helps marginalized women in the developing world, allowing them to share their unheard stories through photography, gain confidence and develop a base of strength.

And the story continues, last December, in an informal Giving Women lunch I sat in front of a very nice lady who works at The Red Pencil Organization which is part of the Giving Women Project Circles, another NGO that has an inspiring mission, bringing Art Therapy to families and children that have been through traumatic life circumstances around the world. We had a really interesting conversation about their work and also my interest in being part of a charity and after this, I started collaborating with The Red Pencil as well.

It hasn’t been long since I’ve joined Giving Women, but I feel like a lot of rewarding experiences, learnings and meaningful connections happen in every Giving Women event I attend. I am sure that this energy and positiveness come from the inspiring founder Atalanti and the rest of the exceptional Giving Women team. 

Finally, I have to say that Elianna has been a great inspiration for me, her positive energy and her willingness to help everyone are contagious, through her I also found Mastermom which has given me guidance to find my passion and mission in life. I love to be part of this wonderful community, where I always feel welcome and look forward to continue learning and contributing to the Giving Women mission.