To ensure that Giving Women members and the wider community become truly informed philanthropists, we invite experts to share their knowledge, expertise and experience on specific topics related to philanthropy and sustainable development. These topics are selected based on the needs of the members of the Giving Women Project Circles.

Some examples of topics we address are: Monitoring & Evaluation; Fundraising; Crowdfunding, Governance and Communications for not-for-profits


Part I: Knowledge transfer and experience sharing: Experts provide the framework for discussion and place their technical and theoretical knowledge in the context of their personal experience.

Buffet Dinner

Part II: Turning ideas into actions: In groups of  4-6 people, participants are introduced to the project of another participant and collaborate to apply new learnings to their project. By the end of this session, each group will present its results to the audience who will share its feedback for improvement.

Networking opportunity with participants and speakers

Workshops 2016 & 2017

After-work discussion with Save the Children on Children’s Rights

6 November 2019

REGISTER HERE In the 10th anniversary year of Giving Women, the Zurich Chapter of Giving Women invites you to an afterwork discussion “Children’s Rights and how Save the Children contributes to enforce them” Insights into the work of the leading independent Child Rights Organisation with a special focus on girls 6 November 2019, 18:30 to 20:30 Save […]

Humanitarian issues today & how to address them,

26 September 2019

REGISTER HERE In the 10th anniversary year of Giving Women, the Zurich Chapter of Giving Women invites you to an afterwork discussion Humanitarian issues today & how to address them Migration crisis, climate change, political turbulences,… How to rethink our emergency response in face of new humanitarian challenges 26 September 2019, 18:30 to 21:00 Medair Schoffelgasse 7, 8001 Zürich […]

Panel discussion: Women Leaders in Disaster and Climate Change Risk Management

16 May 2019

  REGISTER HERE We are thrilled to invite you to participate in our next GW panel discussion. This event is open to all: women, men, members and non-members:  Women Leaders in Disaster and Climate Change Risk Management In celebration of our 10th anniversary year, Giving Women is putting on a series of special events, in addition to our […]

After-work Discussion: Climate Changes & Women, by The Nature Conservancy

May 8, 2019

  REGISTER HERE Women of the world: “How Climate Change is impacting female lives globally” A discussion with the NGO, The Nature Conservancy Come along to learn how environmental issues are impacting women’s lives worldwide – and what The Nature Conservancy is doing to help. Founded over 65 years ago, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is […]

Pat Mitchell in Conversation with Giving Women

8 March 2019

REGISTER HERE On International Women’s day, 8th March, in collaboration with Festival du film et forum international sur les droits humains, FIFDH, we are hosting within the programme of the festival a conversation with Pat Mitchell, media guru, lifelong activist, curator of Ted Women the list goes on. Ms. Mitchell’s career has been filled with firsts, breaking glass ceilings in the media […]

Presentation: Fashion Revolution

25 February 2019

REGISTER HERE WHO MADE MY CLOTHES? Get involved into the Fashion Revolution Giving Women and Fashion Revolution are joining together to continue the fight for an ethical and responsible fashion industry. Following up on our commitment to continue this campaign, Giving Women is hosting a presentation by Fashion Revolution to inform us, inspire and mobilise […]

Panel discussion: Systemic Change

12 February 2019

REGISTER HERE Systemic Change is a goal set by many development programmes today. But, what does it mean? Join us as we hear from organisations that are serious about changing systems to improve the lives of those in need in different contexts. We will learn about the challenges and benefits of transitioning a traditional development […]

After-work conversation with Ruby Ajanee, Oxfam Afghan Country Director

28 November 2018

REGISTER HERE Come and meet Ruby Ajanee, Oxfam representative in Afghanistan, a country where people have suffered the consequences of numerous wars not of their choosing, and where women face incredible challenges as their participation in society is limited. A country where women and girls endure numerous forms of violence as well as have limited access to […]