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Project Description

Geneva World Interns and Scholars Exchange (GenevaWISE) seeks to increase the presence of young graduates and professionals from developing countries in Geneva-based internship programmes, allowing them to gain the necessary tools and expertise to act more effectively in their home countries. GenevaWISE administers financial aid to young graduates and professionals from developing countries so that they may benefit from internship programmes in Geneva.

The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project supported Geneva WISE in:

1- Developing partnerships with international organisations and funders.

2- Providing access to the Giving Women network for invitations for Fundraising event.

3- Housing provided by GW member for Geneva WISE 3 interns.

4- Fundraising: CHF 12’000 wereraised to support 2 new interns.



Location: Geneva

Project Description


Massanga Education et Assistance (MEA) seeks to stop the excision of young girls in Sierra Leone by proposing villages the opportunity to choose Education over Excision, and organizing Bondo ceremonies without excision, showing that traditions can be preserved without losing one’s integrity.

The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project supported MEA in:

1- Fundraising: Funded bondo ceremony excision and construction of a building to host the ceremonies.

2- Introducing to Credit Suisse Symphasis Foundation, what led to grant of 32,630CHF



Location: Sierra Leone
Website: www.meamasanga.org

Project Description

Village Exchange Ghana seeks to improve the lives of women in poverty through a combination of income-generating activities, education, and financial services. A micro-finance project supported by Giving Women, Lady Volta crafts, helps young women achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency.
This Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project supported Village Exchange in Ghana in:
1- Organising 4 sales to raise awareness and funds for the project.
2- Organising administration and legal conditions for association in Switzerland-
3- Fundraising: CHF 7,000



Location: Ghana
Founded: 2002
Website: www.villageexchangeghana.org

Project Description

Akilah Institute for Women is a college offering a unique model of market-relevant education to empower graduates for success in careers and leadership roles from some of the poorest communities of Kigali. As the first college for women in Rwanda, Akilah offers a 3-year Business diploma with majors in: Hospitality Management, Entrepreneurship and Information Systems. Akilah works closely with the private sector to develop market-relevant curricula and to ensure job placement for graduates. Students also complete leadership and ethics courses and pursue intensive community service and internship programs. The first class of Akilah students graduated in 2012 with 100% job placement.
The Project presented to Giving Women is the Akilah Social Change Projects (SCP), the cornerstone of the Akilah Leadership curriculum. The SCP is a practical learning experience in which students work directly within communities to address identified needs. The students gain experience working at a local, grassroots level and a sense of how to impact lasting change by personally investing themselves and by learning to manage tight resources. In 2013, over 130 students will participate in the SCP program benefiting at least six communities, with hundreds of beneficiaries.The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project supported Akilah Institute for Women in:
1- Developing a list of questions contributing to the M&E (Monitoring&Evaluation) process focusing on: Survey design, and Self-reporting.
2- Fundraising: $14’700 to support the Social Change Projects (SCP) program.



Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Founded: 2008
Website: www.akilahinstitute.org

Project Description


Among its many other projects and trainings, the Barefoot College trains semi-literate or illiterate women to become solar engineers for their communities, thus improving the living conditions of the villagers in a self-sufficient and sustainable manner. Based in India, the project has hosted hundreds of women from remote village communities throughout the world.

The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project supported the Barefoot College in:

1- Setting up Barefoot College as an association in Swiss law.

2- Fundraising: CHF 32.349 were raised to support the construction of houses.



Location: Zanzibar
Founded: 1972 
Website: www.barefootcollege.org

Project Description

Common Threads builds community capacity to provide psychosocial support for survivors of violence, develops culturally responsive interventions in collaboration with local partners, integrates traditional practices with contemporary trauma treatments, promotes survivors’ strengths rather than treating their “pathology," and empowers participants as they make their way from victims to survivors to agents of change.The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project supported Common Threads in:

1- Organisational development & strategic planning.
2- Website design & other communications materials.
3- Identification of sources of funding, grant-writing.



Location: Ecuador, Nepal
Founded: 2012
Website: www.commonthreadsproject.net

Project Description

Returning to Kosovo after the war, Hamide Latifi recognised the need for Kosovar women to have a voice and a place in society, which she sought to promote by encouraging their entrepreneurship. Grate ne Biznes (GnB) provides support for women entrepreneurs in Kosovo through capacity building, counselling, advocacy and networking. They currently support 75 women entrepreneurs through trainings and opportunities to sell their wares at local fairs and by collaborating with authorities and NGOs.

GnB will soon open a Women’s Market Centre (WMC) in Prishtina to improve opportunities for women owners of businesses, from both urban and rural areas and of all ethnicities, and strengthen their cooperation. The project presented to Giving Women is to support the women's Market Centre by helping to establish a Cafe within the Centre, which will serve as a space for dialogue, exchange and community building. At the end of 5 years, the Women's Market Centre will be self-sustaining.The Project Circle dedicated to this project supported GnB in:

1- Giving business advice.

2- Rewriting the project description.

3- Fundraising: CHF 14.700



Location: Pristina, Kosowo
Website: www.gratenebiznes.com

Project Description

IRIS was established primarily in response to eye care needs identified amongst the poorest populations in Cambodia. Nowadays IRIS equips new eye clinics, strengthens existing ones, conducts eye screening, provides cataract surgery for poor people, primary eye care training for staff working on tea plantations in Cambodia, Nepal, Laos and Sri Lanka.

The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project helped IRIS in:

1- Fundraising: over CHF 107,000 were raised.
CHF 7,000 enabled IRIS ASIA to undertake the project in Sri Lanka and to provide cataract surgery for 200 women tea pickers in 2010.
CHF 100,000 will be distributed in a three-year programme.



Location: Sri Lanka
Founded: 1998 
Website: www.irisasia.org

Project Description

Mothers 2 Mothers’ (M2M) works to eradicate pediatric AIDS by empowering women living with HIV and helping them to overcome stigma and to live happy and productive lives.
The Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission program developed by M2M employs mothers living with HIV (Mentor Mothers) as care providers in health facilities to educate and support other HIV-positive pregnant women and new mothers to: prevent them from infecting their babies with HIV; keep them alive to take care for their families, and empower them by giving them the opportunity of becoming Mentor Mothers themselves and helping other women. This innovative program not only works to eradicate the transmission of HIV from mother to child, but also empowers mothers within their communities.

Giving Women is assisting M2M in their program in South Africa, until the local government takes on the program. In addition, Giving Women is helping M2M raise its visibility within the philanthropic community in Switzerland and is assisting in the development of their information materials, including translation work.This Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project helped Mothers 2 Mothers in:

1- Translating documents into French, German and Spanish.

2- Organising an Event around Mothers 2 Mothers.

3- Creating presence in Geneva.

4- Mapping contacts for fundraising and contacts in the medical area.



Location: South Africa
Founded: 2001
Website: www.m2m.org

Project Description

Maasai Aid Association’s vision is to empower Maasai girls and women through education and to connect them to the rest of the world. Specifically, it aims at combatting female genital mutilation, exchanging it with an alternative ceremony and offering education to the girls, as well as some material support.

The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project helped Maasai Aid Association in:

1- Reviewing the marketing material.

2- Reviewing translations.

3- Fundraising: 17.402 CHF were raised to purchase 20 school desks; to support a pilot project on female genital mutilation and to support a literacy project.



Location: Kenya
Founded: 2003
Website: www.e-solidarity.org

Project Description

The Middle East Children’s Institute (MECI) offers an after school program with a holistic community approach which focuses on education, women’s empowerment and economic development and serves over 450 children aged 5-10 each year. MECI gives children the opportunity to heal and develop through programs in arts and music, academic support, health and nutrition, daily meals and life skills training.
Giving Women supported MECI’s Girls' Club Program, aiming to expand the after-school program to over 200 girls aged 10-15 and to increase the potential of girls after they graduated from 4th grade.  Giving Women also helped MECI identify potential funders as well as developing fundraising and communication strategies to secure long-term sustainable funding.


Location: Beit Rima, Palestinian Territories, West Bank
Founded: 2007
Website: www.mecinstitute.org

Project Description

Nai Qala seeks to restore the dignity and self-confidence to the population of the rural area of Ghasni in Afghanistan, through improved access to education and health.

In September 2010 Nai Qala opened a new school in the village Gawmurda. This school provides improved conditions of education to more than 400 students, both boys and girls. Nai Qala significantly raised the motivation and self-respect of the children and their teachers, bringing a positive impact on their lives, families and communities. In view of the high quality of the school, the Ministry of Education formally upgraded the Gawmurda School from primary education to include secondary education as well.The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project gave support in:

1- Assistance with a mapping of potential donors.

2- Advice on foundation approach.

3- Fundraising. Total funds raised: CHF 5,000 for school material.



Location: Afghanistan
Founded: 2007
Website: www.nai-qala.org


Project Description

In movement offers an arts education program for underprivileged children in Uganda. It is a creativity-based approach to empowering young people.

The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project gave support in:

1- Advise on sustainability.

2- Advise on repositioning the organisation to better articulate mission, vision, objectives and achievements.



Location: Uganda
Founded: 2006
Website: www.inmovement.org


Project Description

With the aim of directly improving the quality of teaching for children from 0 to 7 years old in Ecuador, where teaching standards and educational outcomes have been declining for years, the INEPE, in partnership with Ecuador’s National Polytechnic School (EPN), designed and implemented six virtual training courses for tutors and heads of households all around the country from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Being an Institute that prides itself on its holistic approach to education, the INEPE's training programme trains teachers to inspire children to be active and engaged citizens with a keen sense of social and environmental justice.
OneAction is a Geneva Association the works to empower individuals and communities to become more autonomous and to adopt sustainable solutions. Recognising the effectiveness and potential of the INEPE programme, OneAction partnered with them to help ensure the financial sustainability of their teacher training project.

The Giving Women Project Circle seeks to provide OneAction with help related to:

1- Networking.
-Find potential donors to finance the project.
-Find potential business partners (restaurants and shops) for our self-financing projects.

2- Fundraising for the project.

3- Assistance in refining project evaluation & monitoring strategies.



Location: Ecuador, Geneva
Founded: 2011
Website: www.oneaction.ch

Project Description

PHASE Worldwide works with disadvantaged communities of extremely remote Nepalese Himalayan regions to improve health and education and create livelihood opportunities, with a particular focus on women and children.

The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project helped Phase to:

1- Review external communication and dissemination of information.

2- Broaden the global advocacy on issues of Chhaupadi.

3- Bring fundraising support.



Location: Nepal
Founded: 2005
Website: www.phaseworldwide.org


Project Description

The St. Dimitri Foundation is a center offering welfare, care, education and psychological support to children from poor or difficult backgrounds and their families, using a professional approach to support the material and psychological wellbeing of fragile children and their families.

The GW Project Circle supported this project in:

1- Reviewing business plan and fundraising strategy; capacity building.

2- Reviewing M&E documents are helping to develop new indicators.

3- Raising money for the Daily Food Programme: CHF 930,00



Location: Romania
Founded: 1996 
Website: www.fundatiasfantuldimitrie.ro

Project Description

Voix Libres seeks to prevent and eradicate child labour by enabling access to school for children in marginalized families in the most isolated areas of Bolivia. Voix Libres focuses on developing skills and vocations by providing comprehensive programs of education, health, legal aid, and social businesses.
Giving Women supported Voix Libres by facilitating the education of at least 150 Bolivian children by paying for their school supplies.


Location: Bolivia
Founded: 1993 
Website: www.voixlibres.org

Project Description

Veerni provides quality secondary education for young girls from the rural Thar Desert region in Rajasthan in a safe and supportive environment. In a region where child marriages are rife, there are little opportunities for girls to receive education. The institute allows girls to avoid these precarious situations and provides them with opportunities for employment they would not otherwise have.

The Project Circle dedicated to this project helped Veerni Institute in:

1- Strategising on fundraising/suggesting foundation that might be interested in supporting the Veerni Project.

2- Discussing medium term and succession planning.

3- Preparing a presentation and funding request package.



Location: Rajasthan, India
Founded: 1991
Website: www.veerni.com


Project Description

The Pimali project stems from Stéphanie des Arts-Loup’s experience in an orphanage in North East Thailand in 2009. She realized how difficult it is for orphans and disadvantaged young people to find their first job and be able to have a decent life. She decided with her husband to create the Pimali project, with the goal of offering underprivileged young boys and girls a practical and theoretical professional training in hospitality business, in order to increase their chances of getting a job and becoming financially independent. Pimali is currently in the critical stage of setting up their training center in North East Thailand with the commitment of local and Swiss partners.  It would be a great momentum for Giving Women to support Pimali in this important milestone.

The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project supported Pimali in:

1- New fundraising channels (network).

2- Communication tools.

3- Governance structures.



Location: Thailand
Founded: 2009
Website: www.pimali.org

Project Description

Shibashi Schools Association seeks to ensure access to primary education to all children living in the urban slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh. They build non-formal, child-centered, gender-sensitive schools for children in the slums, providing them with a strong academic basis for success in the formal education system. In addition, they also raise awareness in the communities about health and life skills.

Giving Women has worked with Shibashi School Project to strengthen their governance and accountability structures, improve communication about the project and develop their fundraising activities.

This Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to helped Shibashi School Project in:

1- Strengthen their governance and accountability structures.

2- Improving communication about the project.

3- Fundraising: CHF 30.000.



Location: Bangladesh

Project Description

Mission: Action for Development's mission is to help communities to achieve their own development goals. AfD has for many  been supporting  the development of a basic health system in Afghanistan. Its main objective is to improve the health of mothers, newborns and children in Afghanistan and reduce the maternal and infant mortality rates , expanding the access to family planning and hygiene and promoting the empowerment of women, strengthening their skills and competences.

The project: The project "Intensive training to improve the skills of midwives on the most common complications during a pregnancy and childbirth, as well as on their diagnosis and treatment" seeks to reduce mothers' and child' morbidity and mortality in the rural areas of the Province of Bamiyan, Afghanistan.

How: The program will consist of 2 phases: During the first phase 18 midwives and 2 healthcare officers will be trained in Bamiyan. During the second phase each of those women is going to train other 5 women in their local health centres. The objective is to train 110 midwifes.

How GW can give: Giving Women supports this project in Monitoring & Evaluation, in improving their fundraising strategy and in communication.



Location: Afghanistan
Founded: 2011
Website: http://www.action-for-development.org


Project Description

Women on Wheels is a program powered by the Azad Foundation in India, which aims to provide livelihood with dignity for women living in New Delhi’s slums by offering them training to become taxi drivers and chauffeurs. Beyond the training, women receive a host of other trainings including self-defense and English language education.
Giving Women is working with Women on Wheels to reach out to potential users of women-driven car hire services and connecting them with investors. Giving Women members are also working with WoW on their annual report and documentation.


Location: India
Founded: 2008
Website: www.azadfoundation.com

Project Description

Woman for Development (WFD) was formed in 1996 and was registered by law in 1997, is based in Gyumri, Armenia. The mission of the organisation is to contribute to the implementation of democratic reforms, poverty reduction, development process ongoing in Armenia as well as protection of human rights and establishment of peace in the region.

This Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project helped WFD to:

1- Be presentable for the potential Swiss philanthropic community and for potential donors.

2- Develop the capacity of the staff especially in fundraising, project management and proposal.

3- Develop NGO Fundraising Plan for the next 5 years.



Location: Armenia
Founded: 1998
Website: www.wfd.am



Project Description

Enfants et Développement seeks to develop partnerships with local stakeholders in order to promote, support and facilitate access to basic quality services for children, for the youth and for disadvantaged families while paying special attention to girls and women.

The project: The project presented to Giving Women seeks to reduce all forms of violence against women (physical, psychological and economic) in Dhading, Nepal, using strategies to influence men and the youth in order to change their behavior with women.
Being at the epicenter of the 2015 earthquakes, the project priorities shifted in response to baseline feedback emphasising the need to support improved access to education, literacy and economic empowerment for women.

How GW gives: The project has adapted to the local realities following the earthquake, and E&D requests support articulating the new strategy, creating new programme management and eventually Monitoring and Evaluation tools to reflect it. Some of the economic empowerment activities could benefit from marketing and communications support as well.


Location: Dhading District, Nepal
Founded: 1901, but in Nepal since 2001
Website: http://www.enfantsetdeveloppement.org/

Project Description

Zero Mothers Die aims at saving the lives of pregnant women as well as new mothers through the systematic dissemination of mobile technologies to increase their access to healthcare and information to have a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

The project: Zero Mothers Die is a global initiative by an innovative public-private partnership to save the lives of pregnant women, new mothers and their newborns by employing a comprehensive approach to improving maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) through the systematic use of ICTs and mobile health.

How GW gives:

1- Support in monitoring and evaluation;

2- Support in improving the business and financial strategy;

3- Replication of the financial collaboration with private clinics in Geneva and other places to support innovation for maternal health.


Location: Worldwide
Founded: 2012   
Website: www.zeromothersdie.org

Project Description

Camp Group uses sports and education to equip underserved girls and young people with the tools to build resilient and active communities through research and tested practices.

The project:

The RespAct project consists of a series of educational modules which support the development of self-confidence, resilience and responsibility for their local area in girls and young people who face social exclusion due to discrimination based on ethnicity, refugee-status, religion, nationality or economic status. Respect challenges social norms about the ways that education can be delivered to at-risk children by combining sports, education and technology training.



The RespAct project brings together a series of approaches and techniques to empower young people to actively participate in their local communities. It uses elements of boxing to improve discipline, self-confidence, body-language, use of the voice and assertiveness amongst participants.
They work through discussion units with participants to develop feelings of mutual respect and increase both self- and group-efficacy, strengthened through role-play games which also develop empathy skills.


How GW can give:

1- Finding ways to implement the project in Switzerland.

2- Creating a fundraising strategy.

3- Strategic planning for scaling up.


Location: Germany
Founded: 2012
Website: www.respact.org

Project Description

Uniref's mission is to allow new and old refugees in UNHCR refugee camp to become socially and financially independent from international humanitarian aid.

The Project: Providing free gender-balanced quality and relevant vocational training and tertiary (university level) education to those who have been displaced by armed conflicts and live in UNHCR refugee camps.

How GW gives: The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project supports Uniref in:

1- Advocacy, partnership building among international organizations in Geneva.

2- Improving communication materials including the website and social media.

3- Governance support.


Location: Burundi
Founded: 2013
Website: www.uniref.ch

Project Description

Caméléon is an International Solidarity Association, which helps victims of child sexual abuse and disadvantaged youth and their families.

It acts on behalf of:

1- Protection, rehabilitation and reintegration of child victims sexual abuse, and social support for their families.

2- Education, health employability and independence of disadvantaged youth and their families.

3- Awareness of the rights of the child, the prevention of child abuse and sexual abuse advocacy with communities, institution and policy makers and media.


How GW can give:

The Giving Women Project Circle dedicated to this project gives support in:

1- Developing better governance: strengthen and stabilise the team.

2- Increasing the visibility of Caméléon Switzerland.

3-Building skills for strategic development by supporting Caméléon Switzerland's members in the drafting of funding applications and in the development of new partnerships.



Location: Philippines
Founded: 1997
Website: www.cameleon-association.org