What is good governance? What structures, functions, systems, work best for social benefit organisations? Why does good governance matter, and what can it do for your organisation?

IWhat is good governance? Why is it essential for all types and social benefit organisations: Associations, foundations, NGOs, INGOs, social businesses…

In Part I of this workshop (18.30 – 20.00) Drawing on their experience with not-for-profit social benefit organisations our speakers will explore what good governance means, why is it important and how can it help your organisation achieve its goals. We will look at principles of good governance, how to put them into practice through governance structures and systems, discuss common challenges, and solutions to ensure the smooth functioning of your organisation.

In Part II of the workshop (20.00 – 21.30) drawing on what we’ve learnt from Part I we will consider the governance systems and practices in place in your organisations and identify areas and strategies to improve it.

About the Speakers

Heather Corrie, independent consultant supporting strengthening of environment and development non-profits
Charlotta Relander, Humanitarian policy and strategy advisor.

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Please let us know if you have any specific issues or questions you would like the speakers to address. This will be a participative workshop and will be designed to meet your specific organisational need.
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