Giving Women makes an impact on the lives of women and girls in need through project support. We work in many different areas depending on the needs of our projects. These areas may include

  • Capacity building (e.g. transfer of knowledge, skills or technical procedures to reinforce staff capacity to reach project goals)
  • Technical support (e.g. collaboration with the Project Owner to develop business or communication strategies, to design promotional or other communication materials, to review or to develop M&E tools or systems, etc.)
  • Practical advise (e.g. governance issues, legal queries, networking support, etc.)
  • Other forms of non-monetary support such as developing a fundraising strategy.

As a member of Giving Women, you have the opportunity to actively contribute to a project by joining a Project Circle (PC). A Project Circle is made of a Giving Women Coordinator and Giving Women members, who are interested in working towards specific objectives for approximately one year.

We invite organisations to submit their projects. Eligible projects will undergo a screening process in accordance with Giving Women’s selection and evaluation criteria. The selected projects are then presented to our members at a Project Evening, where Project Circles are formed.
Giving Women is not a grant maker. Although many of our Project Circles have raised funds for the projects they support, we give priority to projects to which our members can contribute their time, expertise and skills.


Organisations are invited to submit their projects, if they would like to receive professional support from Giving Women. We organise two selections rounds per year – in May and November. Please read this document which explains the entire project selection process and includes our selection criteria. If you think your project is eligible, please fill in this application form and send it, together with the other documents mentioned in the form to

Application deadlines 2017
1st round: 20th of February
2nd round: 7th of August


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