Empowering Women to Empower Women

Giving Women is a membership association, which seeks to build a community of informed women philanthropists and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of girls and women in need all over the world

Support women-focused projects & organisations

We provide strategic advice on capacity building to grassroots women’s focused organisations. We do this through project and mentoring circles 

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Create awareness of women’s Issues

We raise awareness about the most pressing issues facing girls and women by bringing together all relevant stakeholders

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Professionalise philanthropy

We run a comprehensive education programme to build the skills and knowledge required for effective philanthropy

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Giving Women is a membership association, which seeks to build a community of informed women philanthropists and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women and girls in need.

Our membership is open to women who wish to share their experience, network, skills, generosity and knowledge to affect projects for and by women.

You do not need to be an expert to join, just the commitment to improve the lives of girls and women globally.

With Giving Women you will have the opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge and skills to improve your effectiveness as a philanthropist.

Access to a network of women involved in philanthropy

Directly support and work with carefully selected Giving Women Projects by joining a Project Circle

Unlimited access to educational workshops and events on philanthropy and women’s and girl’s empowerment

Giving Women gives me the opportunity to give back / offer my skills and bring my added value (even if limited sometimes) to help women in need across the world and at my very, very limited scale to help building a better world. I also meet some wonderful GW members and learn from them.

- Concetta Caruso

Being part of Giving Women has allowed me to expand my knowledge of the NGO sector. Coming from the private sector, it’s been a unique experience to learn how an NGO operates and to understand the differences between both sectors. Also, it has given me ideas as to how the sectors could collaborate for mutual benefit.

- Jenny Yerena Schönberger

My opinion about philanthropy and its reach was skeptical until I became a member of Giving Women. Being a member has given me an opportunity to look at the peak from the other side of the mountain. I have been blessed enough to see first-hand the effort and passion that goes into the work done by the other members and beyond.

- Hellen Hipsagh

Giving Women Project Circles

Giving Women makes an impact on the lives of women and girls in need through project support. We work in many different areas depending on the needs of our projects.


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Philanthropy is the love of humanity

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