Philanthropy, the “love of people”, begins with the heart and a desire to see injustices alleviated and opportunities increased for disadvantaged communities. At Giving Women we understand the magnitude and complexity of social and environmental issues and recognize the need to build our knowledge and expertise to ensure that our members, partners and the wider community to deliver sustain impact at scale.

“To give away money is not an easy matter and in any [person]’s power. But to decide to whom to give it and how large and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every [person]’s power nor an easy matter.   Aristotle

Educational Workshops

Giving Women builds the skills and knowledge required to engage in more effective philanthropy. For our members and the wider community, we provide an ongoing educational programme which includes hands-on workshops to build and apply new skills and best practices in the management of social benefit organizations  (associations, foundations, NGOs or social businesses.)

We cover topics such as governance, fundraising and impact management.  The workshops, often led by members, provide an opportunity to share and strengthen our skills.  These events also create networking opportunities for women to inspire each other and build synergies for greater impact.

A Taster of our Educational Workshops

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