To kick off our educational programme for 2020, Giving Women invites you to our first workshop in Geneva:

Social Impact Management 

23 January 2020, 18:00 to 21:00

At the Residence of Atalanti Moquette
Chemin de Grange Canal 34
1224 Geneva
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Measuring impact is essential to the success of any development or humanitarian programme. It is important to ensure that the desired outcomes are being achieved and key learnings are being integrated into your programme.

We are very lucky to have Tanya Murphy, a Giving Women member and expert on social impact management, who recently released an TC SME Trade Academy course: How to measure and manage your social impact.

In this workshop, we will explore why social impact management is important and how to use a simple methodology to support the grassroots projects we work with. We will learn how to create SMART impact KPIs (key performance indicators). We will also learn about the 3-step impact management cycle: capture and collect, store and analyse, and learn and communicate. As always we will apply our new learnings to real examples so as to ensure we have integrated our new knowledge effectively.

As always, the workshop will be delivered in two parts with a dinner provided half-way through the workshop.

In advance of the workshop to get the most out of it please come up with a few indicators from your own project / Project circle’s project that we can work on and improve.  An indicator is a means to help understand and measure whether a project is moving toward the intended results, outcome or impact.