Dear Friends of Giving Women,

It brings me great pleasure to share with you our Impact Report:

Giving Women’s 10 Year Impact Report

Completing our 10th year of operations in 2019, we felt it was important for us to look back at what we had achieved.

We discussed this amongst ourselves and recognised how important it was, at this key milestone, to reflect on our work in order to plan the next 10 years. But, sustaining the day to day action of a volunteer organisation always took priority, and the impact report was continually pushed to the bottom of the pile.

Then one sunny day, serendipity brought Tanya Murphy, an experienced specialist in impact evaluation, to the Giving Women family. During her induction, Tanya politely asked why GW did not have an impact report… and the rest is history.

To write a viable impact report requires the collection of data from many sources.

I would like to thank our members, our project owners, past and present, and our wider community for taking the time to so thoughtfully respond to our survey. I would also like to thank the steering committee who took the time to interview past project owners and arrive at very meaningful information about the work of the Giving Women Project Circles. A big thank you also goes to Kathleen Holmlund, our operations manager, for patiently coordinating the information channels and tirelessly responding to all requests. We are also very grateful to Nathalie Caminade, responsible for researching and organising all the membership and events data.

A big thank you to Ana Salac, the designer, for the beautiful presentation. And on behalf of the Giving Women community, an enormous expression of gratitude to Tanya Murphy, the author of the report.

With this report, the Giving Women community has found its voice and established its place as a serious and committed actor in building collaboration and skills to help make this world a better place for girls and women in need.

I am very proud to present to you all our 10 year Impact Report, which reflects the power of one and the magic of many.

With warmest regards,

Atalanti Moquette
on behalf of the Giving Women Executive Committee