Summary & Introduction by Giving Women member, Ana Gerlin Hernadez Bonilla:

“Appetizer for Food Systems Summit Dialogue”


On the occasion of World Food Day, a 24-hour global relay conversation is held to launch the UN Food Systems Summit engagement process for the coming year. This virtual conversation is bringing together from general public to celebrity chefs, indigenous peoples, CEOs, youth activists, celebrities, small farmers to heads of state; to discuss how to transform our food systems in the next 10 years.

The first one-hour session: “Appetizer for Food Systems Summit Dialogue” took place at 12:00 PDT 15:00 EDT 19:00 GMT 21:00 CET.  It really woke up appetite to hear more and to act! The session was moderated by David Nabarro, Food Systems Summit Dialogues Senior Advisor and 4SD Strategic Director.

In a lively conversation, the panel was constituted by Benson Mwendia Kamau (CEO of Climate Smart Agriculture Centres in Kenya), Hanneke Faber (President of Food & Refreshment at Unilever), Devita Davison (Executive of FoodLab Detroit), Sandrine Gouvea (Latin America Focal Point for the UN Major Group on Children and Youth in support of the Food Systems Summit) and Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau (Canada’s Minister of Agriculture). This session showed the value of multi-stakeholder dialogues as a means for embracing multiple perspectives and exploring common pathways to sustainable food systems.

The Food Systems Summit Dialogues, are a core component of the Food Systems Summit process and offer one of the most dynamic ways to engage stakeholders in considering their role in food systems, how their roles link with others, and ways in which they can unite around transformative actions in support of the SDGs. The Dialogues present an opportunity to engage all citizens as food system stakeholders, and to bring people together in a time where so much is pushing us apart.

You can view all the videos from UN Systems Summit 2020 on Youtube

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