We were pleased to kick off our Autumn 2021 events with the second course in our series on Transforming our Food System. Following on from our food mapping event on 29 April in which we collectively identified local existing initiatives within the Food/Nutrition chain where we can help spread knowledge and awareness, we then turned our attention to how we can apply more concrete and articulated steps in joining forces to co-create the inclusive, diverse, resilient, connected and participative food system we wish to see. You can view the recording from the 29 April event here.

Our 2nd event – The Food System of the Future Starts in our Kitchens –aimed to dive into the correlation of locally available opportunities identified in our mapping event. We will explore how they work (and could work) and how we could engage at national and global levels to produce tangible results at our individual pace and taste, while:

  1. building from relevant, credible national/global initiatives and;
  2. enjoying and inviting others to join this journey!
On 23 September at 12.30 CET, on Zoom,  Giving Women brought together an expert panel to discuss and highlight the national food waste ecosystem national situation and progress towards food waste reduction. This event will also proposed the launch of a GW collaborative project to co-create a Playbook: “Kitchens of the World” – a digital booklet with concrete calls to action to be presented at our 3rd and final event planned for December 2021.

Ana Gerlin Hernandez   Giving Women member and nutrition expert will moderate a panel conversation between:

Following the panel, we held a brief workshop by Zero Waste Switzerland, to enlighten us and invite us take enjoyable actions with tested experiences and recipes tackling food waste adapted to local circumstances.

The event conclude with an introduction & kick-off the co-creation of the Playbook – Powered by THE NUTRIVERSE, co-created by GW members and relevant Zero Waste champions.
Here is the recording from the 23 October 2021 event: