This panel held on 24 February 2022 was an exciting, stimulating discussion on the challenges and opportunities around funding women-led and women-focused organisations. The panel was made up of representatives from all the stakeholders: grant givers, the Oak Foundation, grantees, M’Lop Tapang in Cambodia and Community Healthcare Initiative (CHI) in Liberia, and two mid-sized NGOs,  Sexual Violence Research Initiative in South Africa (a feminist research organisation) and Oxfam that both raises and distributes funds.

There was an open discussion around the power relationships, their effects on NGOs, and how these can be reversed  from the NGO and funder sides. Excessive impact measurement demands made by grantors on grantees weigh heavily on the resources of NGOS. More flexible and long term funding is the way forward. Listening on the part of grantors and grantees would help to develop a relationship of trust. Challenging questions were asked about the way the field is built today, and complex answers were given. It was an inspiring meeting of the minds and expertise. The discussion did a deep dive into the complex reality of fundraising and the panelists shared some tricks for navigating it.

Our thanks go out to our wonderful panelists:

and to our ever masterful moderator, Katharina Samara-Wickrama, the director of the Issues Affecting Women programme of Oak Foundation.

Along with the recording of the event, we encourage you to also read through the chatbox transcript where many resources were shared.