Workshop: Storytelling & Impact

A dedicated impact strategy can unleash the true power of stories and reunite an ecosystem of storytellers, impact specialists, cultural strategists, communications professionals, activists and movement organizers.
A workshop to discover the impact production industry, with a focus on issue-driven documentaries. 

In this session, participants will have the opportunity to: 

  • Understand the power and importance of impact campaigns for documentary films

  • Learn how to define goals, design and execute impact campaigns, including how to choose the relevant allies

  • Discover tangible examples of how to effect change through an impact campaign, supported by two case studies.

Recording of the Workshop

View the full recording from the workshop

Slide Presentation

View and download the slide deck from the workshop

Laure de Peretti de la Rocca

Laure de Peretti de la Rocca


Community connector, storytelling advocate and impact believer. 

Working from 2009 to 2015 as a journalist in Paris for the French channel Histoire TV, Laure learnt how important the stories being told shape our minds and our societies, and how understanding the past can forge a better future and influence our actions and the answers we offer for existing problems. It led her to push for a plurality of narratives being issue-driven, investigative, inclusive and multi-voiced. 
From 2015 to 2020, Laure has been building communities and strategies for many different organizations. She mainly worked for Seedstars, a company sourcing and supporting impact entrepreneurs in the Global South. Convinced that culture and arts are not only the most beautiful expression of our beliefs, emotions and tales but also a strong vector for those to be shared and arouse empathy; Laure decided to reunite her two passions: bringing people together and curating transformative stories. That is how she started to work with David Rimer, developing the initiatives at the StoryBoard Collective since its creation in 2020.