On Tuesday, 6 December, Giving Women hosted a panel discussion on “Mental Health for Adolescent Girls and Young Women: How can we support them?”  As a follow up from the Giving Women Annuall Conference in October, we decided to take a deeper look at the challenges faced by young adolescent girls from vulnerable communities.

Frédérique Lambrakis-Haddad, a therapist with 30 year’s experience in adolescent trauma and co-founder of Trauma Inform, brilliantly moderated the conversation. Our expert panel brought us their knowledge and expertise with Giselle Dass, the founder and director of CAFS and practitioner from Sri Lanka explained the reality on the ground. Anna Kydd was able to give us a broad view of many of the solutions and challenges based on the projects supported by Ember Mental Health. Joanna Lai, from UNICEF kindly came back (having spoken also at our conference in October) and gave us some very interesting research based on the work of UNICEF in the area of adolescent mental health. The conversation was vibrant and inspiring and we are certain you will enjoy this recording and share it far and wide.

Watch the recording from the panel event below