As the migrant population has grown tragically to over 100 million globally, Giving Women decided to invite a panel of experts to take a deep dive in to understanding what is forcing women to migrate and how migration effects the lives of women and girls. We invited panelists to talk to us about the situation in Afghanistan, Ukraine and Latin America, with the purpose sharing knowledge and best practices from different parts of the world.

The conversation demonstrated how the situation of women migrants with their children is very complex and multilayered.  It is important to make governments, and host populations recognise that all migrants need to be protected and respected. Women who make these dangerous journeys with their children in their own countries or abroad, are desperate and have NO choices. 

It was a highly engaging and informative conversation and we wish to extend our warm appreciation to Heba Aly, CEO of  The New Humanitarian for moderating this panel and to our three panellists:

You can also download the chatbox from the event here