In Giving Women’s 10th Anniversary year, we are looking at how women can be agents of change in relation to our fragile and deteriorating environment. In partnership with the 2019 Alternatiba Festival, we will invite our members and the wider community to brainstorm moving to a zero waste economy. With the help of three experts, we will do a deep dive into the issues around waste, plastic toxicity and begin to explore solutions based within the circular economy.

This event is open to all: women, men, members and non-members:

Hackathon: Mothers for a plastic free world

Mothers tend to make the majority of regular household purchases, and thus hold the power to affect massive global change on consumption patterns. They are motivated by health and environmental considerations for their children, their families and themselves.

Following a brief panel discussion and short film, we will launch a hackathon to develop and share ideas, solutions and “hacks” to reduce our waste and improve our health and that of our global ecosystem.

Our expert panel will be moderated by Elianna Sabagg of Giving Women and will include Dorinda Phillips, head of Zero Waste Carouge and Lina Sandovál, founder of Tricrochet, a local association that offers workshops to introduce creative ways to re-use plastic.