Date: Wednesday 25th of April 2018
Time: 08h30-10h00
Location: Impact Hub Geneva
Rue de Fendt 1
1201 Geneva

We are delighted to invite you to our Impact Breakfast

Learning, Employability and Progress:
Megha Aggarwal will share the successful innovations Leap Skills Academy have brought to education in India

We are happy to welcome Megha Aggarwal, Co-Founder and CEO of Leap Skills Academy, an impact focused skill development organisation headquartered in New Delhi.

“Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.”

About LEAP

Leap Skills’ mission is to create sustainable impact through capacity building and enabling access to opportunities. With innovative interventions and a deep understanding of its beneficiaries, Leap has set out to address the monumental challenge of skilling the second largest population in the world. The organization strongly believes that socioeconomic backgrounds and demographic factors should not limit choices and determine access to opportunities, which it currently does in India. It follows a systematic approach to solving this challenge by creating high-quality tech-aided training solutions at scale that involve upskilling of existing workforce and imparting relevant market-level skills to youth from low income households. Through its work, Leap is creating an ecosystem that brings employment opportunities to young women, low income households and first generation college goers.

Its most recent innovation, Propeller, uses blended learning pedagogy, which merges in-class instruction with mobile learning platforms. This combination allows learners to have access to mentorship, peer learning, project work, interactivity while making the content contextualized, engaging and informative. Over the past five years, Leap has trained over 25000 people in 11 states across India. India has a very low level of female labour force participation in India (ranked 121 out of 131 countries)- Leap has worked with 5000 women, setting organizational goals to significantly increase that number. The organization aims to do so by customizing our programs or create new ones that can positively impact and empower Indian women across the country. Learn more about its plans and innovations to achieve its goals of empowering women as Megha Aggarwal, the CEO and Co-Founder of Leap Skills, will discuss details at the event.

About the Speaker 

Megha, before she founded LEAP, was associated with several international and domestic organisations like the University of Pennsylvania, Asian Development Bank, the Planning Commission, the Azim Premji Foundation and the Wadhwani Foundation. An ex-investment banker who worked in London and New York for several years, she was a Chevening Scholar at the London School of Economics and is an alumnus of the University of Oxford and St. Stephen’s College.