What is the workshop about? 

Developing practical and reliable methods for collecting data is fundamental to an organisation’s monitoring and evaluation function. Surveys is one of the most commonly used tools. This workshop is not a training about why surveys should be done. Rather, participants will learn about steps of the surveying process, from design to disseminating results, and about what questions need to be asked and answered. This workshop is aimed at the untrained surveyor who may not know what is required for a quality survey to be implemented.
What to expect? 
Bring yourself only! A hands-on exercise will be organised where you will apply the tools and techniques learnt in the first part of the evening to validate a questionnaire.
What will I learn? 
  • Defining survey objectives and their implications on survey design
  • Identify the target respondents and considerations for sampling
  • Difference between poorly and well written survey questionnaires
  • Critical steps for designing and implementing quality surveys
  • A few considerations if the surveying is being outsourced
This workshop will be facilitated by Riswana Soundardjee, who has a background in monitoring and evaluation. She has designed and implemented a number of surveys in contexts where resources were stretched and human capacity was limited. One of the key products she has developed is a comprehensive set of training materials on survey design and implementation as part of her work with the Aga Khan Foundation.
Price: Free for Giving Women members;
50 CHF for non-members