Since inception, Giving Women has provided technical support to a number of projects. The modality for making this support available is called the “Project Circle.” A Project Circle allows a few, self-selected Giving Women members to work with a dedicated project on concrete objectives for a period up to 2 years. Each Project Circle has a coordinator whose role is to facilitate the input provided by Giving Women members. During the workshop, participants will get an introduction to the Project Circle Coordinator role. In addition, they will be introduced to some tools for efficient management to be used throughout the lifecycle of a project circle. The discussions will focus on sharing best practices and lessons learned. This workshop is open to current Project Circle Coordinators but also to members who may be interested in stepping into this role.


Elianna Sabbag and Riswana Soundardjee are both members of Giving Women’s Executive Committee. They have been individually involved in Project Circles and have also facilitated a recent review of Project Circles which highlighted current best practices and lessons learned.

This workshop is suitable for all audiences; no previous project management experience required.