Non-profits by their very nature are dependent for their success and growth on the generosity and long-term commitment of their donors. To maintain this long term commitment the needs of the donors must be at all times a key focus  of the fund-raising team. This is not always easy as the demands of the day to day running of an efficient and effective not-for profit can take over

This workshops will answer the key question: How can I keep my focus on the donor?
You will learn about the “Donor First” principle and you will get  hands-on tips on how to improve you daily fundraising routine and have donors that are happy to continue to give. Fund-raising will become easier, more efficient and a pleasure, when you keep your donors happy.

Our speaker and Giving Women Member, Corinna Adler, is a passionate and successful fundraising expert with many years of professional experience in this field.

The workshop will start at 18h30 and the event is free of charge for Giving Women members and 60 CHF for non-members (women only). A light dinner (2 courses) will be served.

RSVP by Friday, May 18th, 2018. Seats are limited.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!