In this second workshop we will be looking at how to build strong action and fundraising plans based on your strategic plans. We would like to give Giving Women members the opportunity to get the most out of this workshop by completing the attached template for their projects. This will form the basis of our work during this next workshop and you will benefit from the support of our facilitator and education team and other participants to create the most relevant and useful action plan and fundraising plan.

Please share your strategic plan with me before the 5th of June, and don’t hesitate to reach out before if you would like some help or guidance in completing the template. If needed, we will try to organize a members only work session during one lunch hour with Rachel and/or the education team (Riswana and Elianna).

To clarify, you do not need to prepare a strategic plan in order to participate in the workshop, however, you will benefit much more from the workshop if you have worked on a strategic planning document in advance. You will of course benefit from working with others on developing their action and fundraising plans during the second part of our strategy planning workshop series.